Laura Headshot

One day I woke up and decided, after years of gentle prodding from friends and family, that I ought to start writing down my recipes. Not just the actual ingredients, but my thoughts on food and how I find cooking to be therapeutic. Amidst the chaos of daily life, it is something that I can always look forward to doing that is completely and totally “mine.”

Once an achievement focused scholar, I am now a suburban wife and mother. My world revolves around my husband and four children, the five of which are my greatest loves and achievements in life. The life I have chosen is a beautifully imperfect one, filled with challenges, discoveries, tears and triumphs.

As I get older and experience new versions of myself I reflect on the person I was nearly 2 decades ago and feel like I hardly know that girl anymore. But one thing has never ever changed, I have always loved the art of food.

Welcome to my place to share what I love <3