Rent a Tea Party

My Rent A Tea Party includes all of the essentials for you to create your very own perfect tea party.

  • Digital proof party invitation, customized with your child’s name and address of your event. (See sample party invite below)
  • 2 eight foot long fuchsia table cloths.
  • 2 large teapots.
  • 2 flavored teas. Please select from the following flavors: Peach, Blueberry, Raspberry, Mint, English, and Earl Grey
  • 1 cream and sugar set * sugar cubes and mini tongs included.
  • 3 flower pot centerpieces. Hidden in the centerpieces will be 1 extra long lollipop for each child to “pick” and take home on their way out.

Each guest will be provided with a setting that includes:

  • 1 large china plate with doily
  • 1 small china scone plate with doily
  • 1 china tea cup and saucer
  • 1 mini teaspoon
  • 1 purple cloth napkin
  • 1 vanilla sprinkle scone

The guest of honor will receive a gift wrapped tea cup to keep as a memory of his or her tea party.

Sample Table Setting

How it works

Yes, I am giving you real china, oh my! But don’t worry, it’s ok if there is a minor “oops” or an accident and a plate gets nicked or a teacup gets chipped. I ask that you have the children be careful with the pieces, but not to worry if there is a mishap - tea parties should be FUN. Because accidents do happen, and I really love china, I am continually adding special pieces to my collection. What that means for you - each place setting is unique and you may not get a complete matching set with your rental, I will do my best to keep sets together, but mistakes happen, china breaks and it’s ok - my collection is ever changing. Tea cups and plates are as unique as our children.

Business items

A $50.00 deposit is required to secure your party date. I accept cash, check or Zelle/Quickpay. The deposit will be returned to you after I receive all rental items back. Should you choose to cancel your party, the deposit is non refundable. *Please see below for more information regarding the return of your deposit.

The price is $13.95 per child and a 9% sales tax will be added to your total. Please make sure to include the birthday child in your total. The final count is due 7 days prior to your event. This number cannot be lowered and the final bill will reflect this amount. There is a minimum of 6 guests.

You will be able to pick up all the china and linens 2-3 days before your party to lay things out, practice your set up, etc. Your total bill is due at this time. Scones will be baked fresh within 24 hours of your party, so please make sure you will be able to pick those up on party day. Everything I make is homemade and preservative free, so I try to wait as long as possible to bake.

To receive your full deposit back the following items must be returned within 48 hours of your party:

  • Please hand wash and dry the following: large and small plates, tea cups and saucers, tea pots, cream & sugar set and mini spoons. I will rewash and sanitize these.
  • Flower centerpieces.
  • Tablecloths & napkins - I will launder these, please just place in a large plastic garbage bag to return.

If a significant amount of china has been damaged and is no longer usable, your deposit may not be returned to you in full in order to cover the cost of acquiring new pieces. This will be determined on a case by case basis. As stated above, accidents happen, but reckless use and transport of the items may result in losing your partial or full deposit.

Book your party today

To book your party today, contact me here or message me on my facebook business page.

I cant wait to make your tea party dreams come true!

Sample party invite

Sample Invite