Month: March 2016

Clean Eats Tuna Patties

My husband really likes sandwiches.  I use the term “sandwich” pretty loosely – basically if it comes somehow wrapped, folded, layered or sandwiched between some sort of “bread” he will probably like it. We eat a lot of tuna in our house.  Don’t worry we’re not at risk of mercury poising or anything, we don’t […]
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Inside Out Shrimp Egg Roll

Not sure if you’ve heard of this before, but I follow a few health conscious people on social media and I kept reading things about “egg roll in a bowl” or “the inside out egg roll.”  I figured I’d give it a whirl a time or two.  Although each time I’ve made this it is […]
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Avocado Ranch Chicken Panini

I love the word panini – it’s such a happy word 🙂  If you have a toddler, ask them to say panini, I promise it will make you smile! Not only is it a super fun word, it also makes for a terrific weeknight meal.  You don’t have to own a fancy panini press to […]
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