Month: February 2020

How to prep 3 pounds of chicken in less than 15 minutes

Tuesday’s Tip of the Day : Buy rotisserie chickens to use for meal prepping to save you time, energy and money. About once a month I will go to Costco and buy 2 rotisserie chickens to use for meal prepping. If you don’t have a membership to Costco or Sam’s club you can buy rotisserie […]
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Thaw Frozen Chicken in 2 Hours

It’s 5:00 and you go to start making dinner and you realize….the chicken is still frozen. Da Da Daaaaaaaaa……. I can’t be the only mom out there trying frantically to thaw chicken at the dreaded witching hour. I don’t have time for this and you don’t either! So, I wanted to show you how I […]
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Jump on the Baked Bacon Train with me!

This is a tip I give people all the time – bake your bacon! Yes, you read that correctly, I really think baked bacon is the best. I promise, you won’t be disappointed! This is the best way to cook a large amount of bacon quickly and evenly. You won’t have grease splatter all over your […]
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