Month: November 2021

Easy Blender Crepes

Let’s Make Blender Crepes Crepes are easier to make than you may think. Follow my blender recipe to make perfectly smooth paper thin crepes. No need for a fancy pan, just use a large non stick skillet, a rubber spatula and butter. Add your favorite toppings – hello Nutella! Fresh fruit, whipped cream, jams, jellies […]
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Cheesy Beef and Pepper Jack Enchiladas

You had me at pepper jack cheese – yes, my friends these cheesy beef and pepper jack enchiladas are as suuuper ooey gooey and delicious as their name suggests. But what’s even more exciting is that I’ve lightened up my recipe by using extra lean ground beef – I suggest 96% lean. I do keep […]
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Simply Chicken Freezer Meal Workshop

Freezer Meals? Heck, yes! Answer the age old question, “What’s for dinner?” with Freezer Meals. In under 2 hours, you will have 10 time saving homemade meals featuring chicken ready in your freezer whenever your family needs them!  I Are you gluten free, dairy free or both? If so, I’ve got you covered, with substitutions […]
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