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Garden Fresh Zucchini Muffins

Do you have a garden full of zucchini? If so, you have to make these muffins! All four of my kids LOVE, love them. The twins got to make them with me for this cute little video. It was such a fun (read: messy) activity. Ignore the crusty brown bits on the wrappers, it’s a […]
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Easy Blender Crepes

Let’s Make Blender Crepes Crepes are easier to make than you may think. Follow my blender recipe to make perfectly smooth paper thin crepes. No need for a fancy pan, just use a large non stick skillet, a rubber spatula and butter. Add your favorite toppings – hello Nutella! Fresh fruit, whipped cream, jams, jellies […]
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How to Cut Mango

Do you love mango,¬†but hate trying to cut it up? Let me show you two different¬†tricks to get to the delicious, sweet fruit, quickly and easily. Picking a Mango When you’re picking a mango, much like a book, don’t judge a mango by it’s cover! What matters more is waiting for it to ripen before […]
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