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Garden Fresh Zucchini Muffins

Do you have a garden full of zucchini? If so, you have to make these muffins! All four of my kids LOVE, love them. The twins got to make them with me for this cute little video. It was such a fun (read: messy) activity. Ignore the crusty brown bits on the wrappers, it’s a […]
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Butternut Squash Cutting and Storage

The thought of cutting up a whole butternut squash can be daunting. They’re awkwardly shaped and about as hard of a vegetable as I can think of. But you can conquer the tough skin of the butternut squash and enjoy the delicious sweet flesh that awaits inside, I promise. Check Out My Quick Butternut Squash […]
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Air Fryer Fiesta Ranch Carrot Chips

Air fryer fiesta ranch carrots chips will make you fall in love with carrots all over again. Have you ever had air fryer carrots? They’re sweet, a little crunchy and oh so satisfying. I thought air fryer baby carrots were amazing, until I made these air fryer fiesta ranch carrot chips! Total game changer. A […]
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